DR-880: Performing a Backup to the Computer (MAC)

Here's how to do a full backup on the DR-880. Performing a backup will save all User Patterns, Songs, and settings that you have created or changed. You can then load them back into the DR-880 at a later time.   

First confirm that the USB Mode is set to "STORAGE" :
1. Press EDIT.
2. Cursor to the USB icon and then press ENTER.
3. Cursor to "MODE" and then press ENTER.
4. Turn the VALUE dial to choose "STORAGE."
5. Press EXIT three times.


Here are the steps to perform the Backup: 
1. With a standard USB cable, connect the DR-880's USB port to the USB port on your computer. (Make sure you connect directly to a physical port on the computer, and not to a USB *hub*). 

2. Turn on the computer and the DR-880. (The order does not matter).

3. Press EDIT on the DR-880.

4. Cursor to "USB" and then press ENTER.

5. Cursor to "BACKUP," and then press ENTER. - "Now Working," followed by "Copy data files" appears in the DR-880's display.

6. Right click on any blank area on the desktop of the computer, and then choose "New Folder." A new "untitled folder" will be created on the desktop. (This is the folder that you'll be transferring the DR-880 files to).

7. Locate the BOSS DR-880 icon that has appeared on the desktop in the computer, and then click on it to open. You will see the following files:

8. Select to highlight all of the files (Left click one of the files, and then press and hold "COMMAND" followed by "A" on the computer).

9. Left click on the highlighted files and drag and drop them into the new "untitled" folder that you created in Step 6 above. This copies the files from the DR-880 to the new untitled folder.

10. Close the DR-880 window that you copied the files from (click the small "x" at the upper left of the window).

11. Right click on the DR-880's icon, and choose "Eject BOSS_DR-880." (You can also drag the DR-880 icon to the trash).

12. Press EXIT on the DR-880. The backup process is complete.

Important note: Be sure not to manipulate any of the detailed DR-880 files in the folder. You can rename the entire "untitled" folder if you like, however do *not* change or manipulate the .DR8 files within the folder. Doing so could corrupt them, and your saved data will most likely be lost.

Loading the backup (recover) into the DR-880 from the computer uses these similar steps, except for Step 5, you'll choose "RECOVER," and you'll be copying the files "from the folder"  back to the DR-880 icon. 


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