VT-3: Vocoding Prerecorded Vocals

The Situation

Here's the predicament. You recently purchased a VT-3, and you can't wait to start vocoding anything and everything imaginable. However, you have songs where the vocal tracks are already recorded. Is using the VT-3 on these prerecorded vocal tracks possible? The answer is: YES! 

The Preparation

On most interfaces, there are a combination of audio inputs and audio outputs. Those outputs (beyond 1 and 2, most commonly used for your speakers) are for routing tracks in your DAW to outboard effects and instruments. For this setup, you will need:

  • 1 audio interface with inputs and outputs
  • 2 1/4" instrument cables
  • A pre-recorded vocal track loaded into your DAW
  • 1 VT-3

The Execution

 For this example, we will use a STUDIO-CAPTURE, plus Ableton. Connect an output (output 3 in this example) of the interface to the input of the VT-3 using a TRS 1/4" cable. 


In Ableton, with all available inputs and outputs configured to Mono, route your Vocal Track to output 3.


Connect the mono output of the VT-3 to an input of your interface.new_1.jpg

In Ableton, create an audio track with the input set to the one used by the VT-3 (in this case, it is input 1). 


Adjust the Volume and Sensitivity knob accordingly. You should now be hearing vocoded signal! As a bonus, try routing a MIDI track to the VT-3 for MIDI control over the pitch. This extra step will require a USB connection from the VT-3 to your computer.



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