VT-3: Routing MIDI to VT-3

The Concept

With v1.10 of the VT-3, MIDI implementation has been added. Being that the VT-3 interfaces with USB only, you need a computer to route the MIDI signal. In this example, we will demonstrate how to setup the VT-3 for MIDI control. We will be using Ableton, however the concepts apply to any DAW. The VT-3 drivers need to be installed, and can be found here: http://www.rolandus.com/products/details/1315/downloads/


- Connect VT-3 to computer using USB

- Connect desired controller if applicable


In the MIDI section of Preferences, enable OUTPUT VT-3 - Track: ON (see below)


Also enable INPUT *CONTROLLER* Track: ON for any applicable MIDI keyboard.

After enabling this setting, create a MIDI track.

On the MIDI track, configure the INPUT to the desired controller (i.e. a MIDI keyboard or internal keyboard), and the OUTPUT to the VT-3 (Defaults to channel 3). Be sure the VT-3 is NOT configured as an input - doing so will create a MIDI feedback loop. 


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