TR-8: Ableton Live Setup and Recording

The following article with guide you through setting up the TR-8 Rhythm Performer to be used as an audio interface with Ableton Live.

Audio Setup:

1. Open Preferences under the Live drop down menu.
2. Open the Audio tab.
3. Under Audio Input Device, chose TR-8
4. Under “Input Config,” enable mono inputs 3-14.
5. Close the Preferences menu.




Now the TR-8 is set up for recording individual instruments on channels 3-14.

Track Setup:

Now we will select the input source (the physical input of the TR-8) for a track.

1. Select Create in the menu bar and click Insert Audio Track.
2. Create 11 more audio tracks.
3. Ensure the “I-O” button is engaged.


4. Under the Audio From window of your new tracks, incrementally select Ext. In, 3 - 14. Enable input monitoring.



5. When ready to record, record enable the tracks.


Your TR-8 is now record-ready! Starting on Chapter 4, the Ableton manual will guide you through in depth recording using their software.

Ableton Live 9 Manual

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