TR-8: Setup and Recording with the MV-8800

The following article will guide you through setting up the TR-8 to be SLAVED and recorded by the MV-8800.

Equipment Needed:

- 1 MIDI cable

- 2 1/4" instrument cables

- 1 TR-8

- 1 MV-8800



- Using a MIDI cable, connect the MV-8800's MIDI OUT A to the MIDI IN port on the TR-8. The TR-8 is now slaved to the MV-8800.

- Using the 2 1/4" instrument cables, attach the MIX OUT outputs of the TR-8 to the MIC/Line inputs of the MV-8800


Recording Setup:

- Hit MENU on the MV-8800

- Select Add Audio Track. 

- If desired, rename track to "TR-8"

- Click Execute

Let's Record:

- Curser to your newly created audio track and hit REC on the MV-8800. The "Recording Parameter (Audio)" window should appear. 

- Select Direct Rec under "Rec Mode." 

- Select your desired Count In, Auto Punch, and Metronome Settings. 

- Hit PLAY.

-Press STOP when done with recording.


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