TR-8: Clearing Notes


The TR-8 has several different methods of clearing note data. These methods are intuitively implemented so that you are able to clear note data from any mode. This article will list the different recording modes, and their clearing possibilities.


- Deleting specific notes: During playback, holding CLEAR will erase note data of the selected instrument. Let go to stop erasing note data. Notice how the sequencer displays the erasing in real time. 

- Deleting all notes: Hold the desired INST button and hit CLEAR. This will erase all the notes of that INST in the current pattern.


From these modes you are only able to delete entire note patterns. However there are 2 ways to do this

- Deleting all notes (1): Hold desired INST button and hit CLEAR. 

- Deleting all notes (2): Hold CLEAR and press desired INST PAD.


From this mode, you are able to delete entire patterns. Hold the Pattern you wish to delete and press CLEAR. 


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