SYSTEM-1: Scatter and Hold

SYSTEM-1 Scatter

All of the AIRA products implement a version of Scatter. Each piece of equipment uses it differently. In the case of the SYSTEM-1, the scatter alters the Arpeggiator. This can be synced to MIDI clock by pressing the TEMPO SYNC button. 

2 Wheels in 1

The Pitch Bend wheel is broken up into 2 components, and dual functions as the scatter knob. The outer wheel, or "Jog Shuttle," executes normal pitch bend behavior. When the ARPEGGIO button is turned on, the jog shuttle adjusts the scatter depth. As soon as you return the jog shuttle to the center, the scatter turns off. 

The inner dial, much like the TR-8's scatter knob, selects the scatter type. Use this to switch between up to 10 different scatter modes, each with its own musical grooves and parameter adjustments. The SYSTEM-1's interface will react based on what the scatter is modulating. 

Hold That Scatter!

The jog shuttle always returns to the center upon release. If you find a scatter mode you wish to maintain, hold the jog shuttle at the desired position, then press KEY HOLD. Now you are able to let go of the jog shuttle without loosing your scatter groove. The lights around the jog shuttle will blink indicating the scatter mode is latched. To disable scatter, simply move the jog shuttle from its current position. 



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