TR-8: Update Procedure

Procedure for update

1.Hold down [ STEP1 ] button and switch on the power.

2.Connect the computer to the TR-8's USB port by a USB cable.

3.Open the "TR-8" drive folder in your personal computer.

4.Copy the TR8_UPD.BIN update file into the "TR-8" drive.

5.After copying the file is completed, remove the USB drive from the personal computer.
[ Windows 8 / 7 / Vista ] Right-click on the "TR-8" icon in My Computer and execute "Eject."
[ Mac OS ] Drag the "TR-8" icon to the Trash icon in the Dock.

6.Disconnect the USB cable.

7.Press the [ STEP2 ] button to start updating the file.

8.Turn the TR-8 power off after the updating processing has completed.

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    Fernando Farias Bucio

    I was follow the instructions from the PDF file that appears in the Folder of the update 1.10...
    After i copied the file and disconnect the usb cabl, i press the pad 2... and the scatters never light at all but TR-REC, PTN SELECT and PAD 16 are blinking.
    What should i do? Turn off and repeat the process?
    They metion in the pdf, never turn off the tr-8 while you are doing the proces, but is some part of the proces didn't happen what suppost to hapen, im waiting for the scatter..
    Some instructions to repeat the process in some safe way...

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