GT-100 Amp Effects Processor Accessing the Quick User Settings

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Product: BOSS GT-100
Topic: Accessing the Quick User Settings in EFFECT

If you are new to guitar effects and don’t necessarily know how to dial up the sound of a phaser or a flanger, here’s a quick tip to access some pedal effect specific presets that exist in the Quick User Settings of the EFFECT button.

For a starting point, turn the patch knob [ 1 ] to patch P01-4 NATURAL CLEAN.

1. Push the [EFFECT] button.

2. In the left LCD screen, turn the [SELECT] knob to highlight the FX1 icon.  If FX1 is OFF (icon looks like a dot), use the [ON/OFF] knob to turn the effect ON (icon looks like a pedal).

3. Turn the [TYPE] knob and dial up the PHASER.

4. Push the [◄ ] page left button until you get to the “Quick User Setting”.

5. Turn the [QUICK SETTING] knob to the right until you get to P01: VINTAGE PH. This is a preset for a classic vintage phaser.

6. Dial through P01-P05 to hear some different phaser specific effects presets.

7. You may have noticed as you were turning the [QUICK SETTING] knob that there were also slots U01-U10. These are where you can save your personal phaser settings for quick recall in other patch presets.

8. Once you have found a preset you like push the [EXIT] button to return to the main screen.

We hope this helps open up the possibilities to help you to create your tone!

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