BOSS RC-300 Loop Station Setting Tracks To Play Sequentially

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Product: BOSS RC-300 Loop Station
Topic: Setting the 3 Tracks to Play Sequentially

The BOSS RC-300 can have TRACKS 1, 2 & 3 play simultaneously in sync with each other, but did you know that you can set it up to play each track sequentially as well? For example, we can set it up to have TRACK 1 be the verse loop, TRACK 2 be the chorus loop, and TRACK 3 be the bridge loop. Each tracks trigger point can also be set to wait until the loop runs its entire progression before changing to the next loop, or it can be set to change when you step on the switch for a more immediate change. Here’s how to set it up.

1. Using the [MEMORY/VALUE] knob dial up an empty memory slot.

2. Push the [MEMORY EDIT] button.

3. Push the right cursor [►] button until the screen reads "Memory Single Tr Play". Turn the [MEMORY/VALUE] dial to the right until it reads ON.

4. This memory slot is now set to “Single Track Play” mode, and each track is now set to play sequentially instead of simultaneously.

5. From this point if you want to adjust “when” the track will change, push the [RIGHT ARROW] button once more until the screen reads "Memory: Track  Change IMMEDIATE". In IMMEDIATE mode the loop will switch when the [DUB/REC/PLAY] foot switch is pushed on either of TRACKS 1, 2 or 3.

6. Turn the [MEMORY/VALUE] knob to the right to switch this parameter to LOOP END. In LOOP END mode when we push the [DUB/REC/PLAY] foot switch a change will occur AFTER playback has reached the end of the loop.

7. Once you have decided which Track Change mode to use, push the [EXIT] button to return to the main screen.

8. Now you can record a verse loop on TRACK 1, chorus loop on TRACK 2, and a bridge loop on TRACK 3.

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    This causes Data Error and freezing. I am having problems with Data error and freezing while trying to use the single track play mode. I use this live and the only way I can use this unit is to just over dub simple riffs. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot use three different tracks 1-2-3 for different measures and time signatures.  Or even simple riffs that all have the same amount of measures, without the pedal freezing until I kill the power. I have the latest upgrade 1.05. Please tell me a work around or at least tell me there is a fix coming...SOON. After researching this dilemma, I found that  thousands of musicians are having the same problem. Youtube is proof. And forums that are countless. Help us out. We love the pedal but we need to use it the way it is meant to be used, not the way we can manage to use it.

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