BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay SOS Mode aka Simple Loop Function

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Product: BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay
Topic: SOS Mode aka Simple Loop Function

Did you know that the BOSS DD-20 DIGITAL DELAY has a simple looper function? Although it will not “save” your loop for playback at a later time (like you can do on a dedicated looper like the RC-3 or RC-30), the DD-20 has a delay mode called SOS, short for SOUND ON SOUND. Here are the steps to do some simple looping.

1. Turn the [MODE] knob to SOS. In this mode the left [ON/OFF] footswitch on the DD-20 becomes your REC/PLAY/OVERDUB buttons.

2. Push the [ON/OFF] left footswitch (REC MODE) once to start recording your loop and on your instrument, play a simple loop of music.

3. When you are done playing your loop, push the [ON/OFF] left footswitch (PLAY MODE) to start the playback/repeat of your loop.

4. To add another part/loop over the original loop of music, push and hold down (hold the footswitch down for the duration of the overdub) the [ON/OFF] left footswitch (OVERDUB MODE) and add a new part/loop. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with your multipart loop.

5. Note: If you tap once on the left footswitch after engaging the loop record function it will stop playback and erase your music and reset.

6. Note: By pressing the MEMORY/TAP pedal during loop playback, you can have the delay applied to the guitar sound as loop playback continues. However, you cannot overdub. To stop loop playback, press the MEMORY/TAP button again.

The DD-20 has 23 seconds of delay time, which should be plenty of time for experimenting with looping/sound on sound fun and help you in finding “YOUR TONE”.

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