VM-3100: Changing the Track Status of VS-1680 from a VM-3100

Use the following procedure to change the Mute, Play, Record or Source status
of a specific track on the VS-1680 from a VM-3100. You will need a MIDI cable
connected from the MIDI Out of the VM-3100 to the MIDI In of the VS-1680.
First, set-up the VS-1680 as follows:

1) While holding SHIFT, press F5 [SYSTEM].
2) Press F4 [MIDI].
3) Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT CURSOR to select 'SysEX.Rx'.
4) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select 'On'.
5) Use the DOWN CURSOR to select 'MMC'.
6) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select 'Slave'.
7) Use the RIGHT CURSOR to select 'Control Type'.
8) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select 'C.C.'.
9) Press F6 [EXIT].
10) Press PLAY [DISPLAY].

Next, set-up the following parameters in the VM-3100.

1) Press SYSTEM [Contrast].
2) Press F1-F4(ON/OFF)].
3) Press [F2(MIDI)].
4) Use the UP or DOWN CURSOR to choose 'Ch'
5) Rotate the VALUE dial to select the channel number that corresponds to the
track number on the VS workstation that you want to control.
6) Change the status of the track on the VS workstation by moving the fader on
Channel Three of the VM-3100. The track status on the VS workstation will
change accordingly to the position of the fader on the VM-3100:

Fader at -36db: Mute (Off)
Fader at -18db: Play Status (Green)
Fader at -8db: Record Ready Status (Flashing Red)
Fader at 0db: Source Monitor Status (Orange)

NOTE: While the VS workstation is in the play mode, the track status can only
be changed from Mute (Off) or Source Monitor (Orange). Track status on any
channel of the VS workstation cannot be changed from the VM-3100 during
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