JD-990: Controlling the overall volume and EQ of a Patch.

Volume level can be controlled on both the individual Patch level and
independently for each Part in a Performance.

To edit the level of a Patch in Performance mode:

2) Press F2 (PART).
3) Press F6 (PALETTE).
4) Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select Part Level.
5) CURSOR to the desired Part and use the VALUE DIAL to edit the level (0-100).
6) Press EXIT.

To edit the level and EQ in Patch mode:

1) Press PATCH.
2) Press F1 (COMMON).
3) CURSOR to Patch Level and use the VALUE DIAL to adjust the volume.
4) Press F6 (EQ).
5) Use the CURSOR buttons and the VALUE DIAL to set the desired EQ parameters.
6) Press EXIT.

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