JV-1000, VE-GS1, VE-JV1: Layering the VE-GS1 Voice Expander with the Internal Sounds

The VE-GS1 and VE-JV1 expansion boards were designed to increase the polyphony
and multitimbral Parts available for sequencing applications. It is possible,
however, to layer sounds from the voice expansion board with the JV-1000�s
internal sounds for live applications. Use the following procedure to layer the
VE-GS1 or the VE-JV1 Voice Expander with the internal sounds of the JV-1000:

1) In the Sequencer section, press MIDI followed by 3 (on the 10-key pad).
2) Press ENTER.
3) Use the VALUE DIAL to set the THRU condition to "3." To hear the internal
sounds alone, set the THRU condition to "0."

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