MC-50, MC-50MKII: Copying a Disk

It is always a good idea to keep back-up copies of important disks. Use the
following procedure to copy an MC-50 song disk:

1) While holding SHIFT, press MODE.
2) Use the DIAL to select "MODE 4 DISK UTILITY" and press ENTER.
3) Use the DIAL to select "2 BACK UP [DISK]."
4) Press ENTER to display "Insert Source DISK >> Press ENTER [BACK]."
5) Insert a disk containing MC-50 songs.
6) Press ENTER.

NOTE: "Reading data Please Wait [BACK]" will be displayed. When this reading
step is complete "Insert Dest. DISK >> Press ENTER [BACK]" will be displayed.

7) Remove the original "source" disk and insert a blank "destination" disk.
8) Press ENTER to display "Initializing Please Wait [BACK]."

NOTE: When this copying step is complete "Insert Source DISK >>Press ENTER
[BACK]" will be displayed.

9) Remove the "destination" disk and insert the "source" disk.
10) Repeat steps 6 through 9 until "BACK UP Complete! Press STOP" is displayed.
11) Press STOP.
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