GR-50: MIDI Out Parameters in the GR-50

- MIDI Out parameters can be organized to work with other modules in a GR
system. Both branch A and B can be used at the same time, branch A can be
dedicated to transmitting MIDI note information to additional synthesizer
modules like the JV-880, U-220 or D-110, while Branch B can be programmed to
send out program change messages to all of the modules in a GR system,
including an ME-10, SE-50, RSP-550 etc.

- Branch A is used to send out the appropriate MIDI information to make the
JV-880, U-220 or D-110 respond appropriately with the sound patch you have
called up in the GR-50's internal synth. Patches can transmit in Poly mode
which means that all six strings are sending their data out on MIDI channel 1,
or in Mono mode which means that each string is on it�s own individual MIDI
channel from 1 to 6. Each branch also has individual control over bend range
settings. Chromatic mode (bend range of 0) does not send any significant bend
messages and tracks the most efficiently. When in bend mode, the optimum range
for guitar technique is 12 half steps; therefore, the receiving module must
also be set to 12. If you use a sound module that is not set up for the
guitar, you will have to edit the bend range of this module to a setting of 12.

- A great way to use branch B is as an effector branch to send out program
change messages to the rest of the devices in a GR system. To do this, set-up
the branch to transmit in Mono mode on MIDI channels 11 through 16. All six
strings should be turned off, which means that they send out program change
messages only and not note or bend messages. When you set the MIDI channels of
your MIDI effects processors and the control channels of your MIDI sound
modules to one of these upper MIDI channels, the GR-50 will send out a MIDI
message which will change the patch on the connected module. If you wish to
call up a different patch within your GR system, you can go into individual
string edit in branch B and select new program numbers.

- For more information on how to program the branches, consult page 68 of your
GR-50 owners manual. If you specifically want to reprogram the outgoing
program change messages, directions are at the top of page 71. If you want to
change branch A from Poly to Mono, read the top of page 69.

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