VS-1680: About Events

The smallest unit of memory used by the VS-1680 to store recorded results on a
disk is called an event. A newly created song is provided approximately 18,000

For each track, one recording pass uses two events. Operations such as
punch-in/out or track copy also use up events. The number of events that are
used up will fluctuate in a complex way. For example, auto mix (p.153 of Owners
Manual) uses up six events for each Marker.

Even when your disk has ample free space, one song can use up all the available
events, in which case no more data could be recorded to the song.

Remaining number of Events can be saved with the following procedures. Please
try the most appropriate one with your situation.

- Execute Song Store (p.32 of owners manual)
Please Execute Song Store if in UNDO condition ([UNDO] indicator is lit.).
Events served for REDO will be released. But please note that you cannot cancel
(REDO) the last UNDO if you once execute STORE.

- Execute Song Optimize (p.166 of owners manual)
Please execute Song Optimize if you have done a lot of Punch In recording.
Events served for unnecessary audio data will be released. But please note that
you can only do a single level UNDO.

- Erase AutoMix data (p.157 of owners manual)
If you have recorded AutoMix data, erase unnecessary data. Events served for
unnecessary AutoMix data will be released.
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