SP-808: Pre and Post-Fader Effect Settings

An input signal can be sent to the SP-808's built-in effects before or after it goes through each channels�s fader (or the stereo balance setting). The choices are Pre-Fader or Post-Fader.

Changing the fader value or stereo balance has no effect on the signal level sent to the effects.

Lowering the fader reduces the signal sent to the effects.
This is also reflected by the channels� stereo balance settings.

1. Hold down SHIFT and press track�s EFFECTS to call up the track setting screen.

2. Use the CURSOR ^ / v buttons to select "Fx" in the MIC/LINE menu.

3. Rotate the VALUE/TIME dial to switch between "PRE-F" and "PST-F."

4. Press PLAY to return to the basic screens.

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