JD-990: Creating a Split

To create a split on the JD-990, a Tone within a Patch can be assigned to its
own key range. Use the following procedure to create a split:

1) Press Patch and use the VALUE dial to select the Patch you wish to edit.
2) Press F1 [Common].
3) Press F4 [K.Range].
4) Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set the key ranges for each Tone.
For example, to have Tone A on the bottom half of the keyboard and Tone B on
the top half, make the following settings:
Tone A - C -1 -- C4
Tone B - C#4 -- G9

If you wish to save your Patch:

1) Press UTILITY.
2) Press F1 [Write].
3) Use the VALUE dial to select the desired destination.
4) Press F6 [Execute].
5) If Write Protect is ON, use the VALUE dial to select "OFF."
6) Press EXIT.
7) Press F6 [Execute].
6) The screen will display "Completed."

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