VM-3100: Saving Compressor Settings

The VM-3100 has 16 memory locations to save custom settings made to the
compressors. Use the following procedure to save compressor settings:

1) While holding SHIFT, press COMP 1 or COMP 2.
2) Press F1-F4 ON/OFF twice.
3) Press F2 [Save].
4) Use the CURSOR buttons to select "No."
5) Use the VALUE dial to select a memory location.
6) Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Name".
7) Use the CURSOR buttons and the VALUE dial to name the memory location.

NOTE: By pressing F1 [Ins], you can insert one character at the cursor
position; press
F2 [Del] to delete one character at the cursor position.

8) Press ENTER/YES twice.

NOTE: Numbers 1 through 16 are presets which cannot be changed. 17 through 32
are User Memory locations.
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