Panning a Part from the Front Panel

Panning allows you to localize the sound image for each Part. At "0" the sound is centered in the stereo field. Settings of "L1" to "L64" place the sound at positions toward the left, with a largernumber indicating a further distance away from the center. In the same way, settings of "R1" to "R63" position the sound to the right, with a larger number indicating a further distance away from the center. Use the following procedure to set the pan for a Part in the M-DC1:

1) While holding the PART button, press the VALUE < or > button to select a Part (1-8). After Part is selected release the buttons.

2) Press and release the SELECT button until the "Part Param 1" l.e.d lights up.

3) Press and release the "F2" button.

4) The display will show the current panning position for the Part that you selected. Using the VALUE < or > buttons, change the panning to the left or right location that you desire.

5) Press the PATCH button to return to the main screen.

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