G-1000: Disk Link User Settings

The G-1000 has a Disk Link function which allows quick access to Music Styles
stored on ZIP disk. Use the following procedure to program Disk Links to the
Music Styles on the ZIP disk:

1) Press DISK LIST.
2) Press F4 [Dvice].
3) Use the BASS/BANK [SELECT] knob to choose SCSI device #5 (the internal ZIP
4) Press UPPER 1[CHANGE] to display "EXECUTING . . . please Wait."
5) Press F1 [Style].
6) While holding SHIFT press F3 [Link].
7) Use the DRUMS PART [LIST] knob to choose the Style you wish to link.
8) Use the BASS BANK [GROUP B N] knob to choose the Group, Bank and Number of
the memory to which you want to assign the Style.
9) Press UPPER 1 [LINK] to display "EXECUTING . . . please Wait."
10) Press F5 [Exit] to return to the "MASTER" menu.

Note: Disk Link settings are saved together with all Performance Set data. To
preserve your Disk Link settings they will need to be saved to disk with a
Performance Set.

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