JV-80, JV-880: Choosing Sounds from MIDI

To select a sound in the JV-80/880 via MIDI, you will need to send a bank
select message followed by a program change message. The JV-80/880 uses CC00
(Bank Select MSB) messages to select between the Internal/Card and the Preset
A/B bank of Patches. Use the following procedure to select a Patch using an
external sequencer:

1) Send a Controller 0 message from your sequencer, and assign a value of 80
(for Internal and Card Patches) or 81 (for Presets A and B).
2) Immediately following the Controller 0 message, send the program change
message for the sound that you want.

In the User bank, program change messages 1 to 64 select sounds from the
Internal bank, and 65 to 128 select sounds from the Card (if inserted).

In the Preset bank, program change messages 1 to 64 will select sounds from
Bank A and 65 to 128 will select sounds from Bank B.

Some software programs use an alternate method of selecting banks. They use a
single bank number that is mathematically calculated using the following
formula: MSB x 128 + LSB. If your sequencer uses this format, use the following
values to call up the appropriate bank of Patches. You will use either the CC00
procedure (above) or the bank number procedure (below). You would never use
these procedures together.

Bank Number Bank
10240 INT/CARD
10368 Preset A/B

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