G-1000: Output Assign

The G-1000 features two sets of stereo outputs. The OUTPUT 1L/1R connectors are
the main outputs, and Parts assigned to these can be processed by the G-1000�s
internal effects. Parts assigned to the OUTPUT 2L/2R connectors are output with
no effects. Use the following procedure to assign a Part to a specific output:

1) From the Master display, press F1 [Mixer].
2) Press F4 [Effct].
3) Use the Page [^ / v] buttons to select "6" on the left side of the display.
4) Use the ACCOMP/GROUP knob to select the desired Part.
5) Use the LOWER/NUMBER knob to select the desired setting.
6) Press F5 [Exit] to return to the Master display.

NOTE: A part assigned to OUTPUT 2L/2R is no longer controlled by the VOLUME
slider on the front panel and is no longer audible in headphones connected to
the G-1000�s PHONES jack.

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