JV-35, JV-50: Accessing Tones from an External MIDI Sequencer

To select a sound in the JV-35/50 via MIDI, you will need to send a Bank Select
message followed by a Program Change message. Continuous Controller messages
are used to select between the various banks of sounds. Use the following
procedure to select a Tone from an external sequencer:

1) Send a Continuous Controller (CC) 00 message from your sequencer, and
assign a value for the bank you want to access. A value of 0 will access the
Capitol Tones, a value of 1 through 32 will access the Variation Tones*, and
127 will access the MT-32 emulation Tones.
2) Immediately following the Continuous Controller 00 message, send the
Program Change message for the sound that you want.

* Variation Tones and their corresponding CC00 values are listed in the back of
the Owners Manual.

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