G-1000: Playing Standard MIDI Files

The G-1000 has a built-in sequencer which records, saves, and plays back data
in the Standard MIDI File format. Use the following steps to play back Standard
MIDI Files:

1) Insert a floppy disk containing a Standard MIDI File into the floppy disk
2) Press GM/GS so it is lit.
3) Press F5[Disk].
4) Press F1[Load].
5) Press PAGE ^ / v to display the "SONG" page.
6) Use the ACCOMP/GROUP knob to select the song you wish to load.
7) Press the flashing UPPER 1[EXECUTE] button to load the song.
8) Press PLAY/STOP under RECORDER to begin playback.
9) Press PLAY/STOP under RECORDER to stop playback.
10) Press F5[Exit] to return to the MASTER menu.

NOTE: If the Standard MIDI File contains embedded lyrics, press F4[Lyrics]
following step 10 above to display the lyrics.

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