JD-800: Effects in the JD-800

One of the strongest features on the JD-800 is its built-in signal processing.
It has up to 7 effects that can be used simultaneously in the Patch mode. They
are divided into two groups, dynamic effects and time delay effects. The
dynamic effects include distortion/overdrive, enhancer, spectrum equalizer, and
phaser. Time delay effects include chorus/flanging, triple tap delay (3000 ms
per tap) and reverb. Each Patch also has a parametric equalizer which is
separate from the effects section. In Multi mode, the dynamic effects are not
available and the time delay effects are global for all Patches. This is one
reason certain Patches sound different in Multi mode than they do in Patch
mode. The JD-990 uses a similar effects structure but designates one Part in
Multi mode to retain the dynamic effects.

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