VM-3100: Compressors -- Selecting Different Compressor Settings from the Library List

The VM-3100 contains a library of sixteen different compression settings that
can be applied to instruments, vocals or the entire master mix itself. Page 5
of "VM-3100 Preset Patch List" Guide provides a listing and description of each
compression type available.

To select various compressor settings, use the following steps:

1) Press COMP 1/2.
2) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF] two times. The compressor functions appear in the
3) Press F1[LOAD].
4) Rotate the VALUE dial to select the Library number you want to load.

NOTE: Press F1[>Pre] or F2[User] to go to the beginning Preset or User numbers
in the Library.

5) Press ENTER/YES two times.
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