RSP-550: Editing a Patch

It is possible to alter many of the parameters within each of the 39 effects
algorithms. (It is not possible to combine more than one algorithm, so if you
want to combine two different effects you must select a multi-effect algorithm
that includes all of the effects that you need to use.) Once you have edited
an effect algorithm to your liking, you can then rename the patch and write it
into one of the user program locations from number 1 to 160. Let�s start with
the Multi 1 and create our own effects settings and then store it into memory:

1) Use the PROGRAM UP/DOWN buttons to select memory [193]: EQ-Cho-Delay-Rev /
- - - Multi 1 - - -
2) Press the PARAM button one time and the screen will change to: Block Select
/ EQlCholDlylRev.
3) You can now use the PROGRAM buttons to select one of the eight effects, and
the VALUE buttons to turn them on or off. Turn all 4 effects on before
continuing to the next step.
4) Press the PROGRAM UP and DOWN buttons to select the specific effect that
you want to edit.
5) Press the PARAM button again to enter the individual parameters for the
effect you have selected. Take a moment to scroll through each screen to get a
better idea of what parameters you can alter to change the effected sound.
When you have looked at every available parameter for each of the four effects,
press EXIT to return to the previous screen.
6) Lets alter some specific parameters starting with the Delay effect. Press
the PROGRAM buttons to move the cursor under the [Dly] parameter. Now press the
PARAM button to enter the individual delay parameters. The screen should now
read: Dly:Delay Time / --> 147 ms.
7) Use VALUE UP / DOWN to change the delay time to [1600]. (Hint: once you
start valuing up or down, if you press the other VALUE button at the same time
the value will scroll at double speed).
8) Use the PROGRAM UP / DOWN buttons to select new parameters and use the
VALUE UP / DOWN buttons to alter the value. Let�s change at least one more
parameter. Call up Feedback and alter it to your liking.
9) Continue to experiment with some additional parameters in any of the four
effects in this multi-effects algorithm. Some examples of parameters that you
may want to alter are: Reverb Time, Chorus Depth, Mid Frequency/Mid Level and
the Mix and Direct Levels for the Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

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