EM-2000: Using Two Drum Kits

The EM-2000 can record and play two different drum kits on two separate tracks.
The EM-2000 drum part defaults to MIDI channel 10, which is track 10 in the
16-track sequencer. Before recording a new song, it is possible to assign a
second drum kit to a separate track. This is useful when a variety of drum
sounds need to be accessed. Use the following procedure to select a second drum

1) Press SONG TOOLS.
2) Press M DRUMS [16 TRACKS SEQUENCER] under the display.
3) Press F3 [Init].
4) Press UPPER 1 [PROCEED] under the display.
5) Use the UPPER VARIATION knob to select a track for the second drum part.

NOTE: Please remember that track 10, MIDI channel 10 is used for the existing
default drum part. MIDI channel 16 is a preferable choice since it is already
specified as the Manual Drum Part.

6) Press UPPER 2 [EXECUTE] under the display.

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