RSP-550: Discrete Stereo Effects

A discrete stereo effects processor will process the left and right sides of a
stereo signal independently, from the input stage through to the output stage.
Many effects units currently available sum the left and right inputs into mono
before passing the signal into the effect processing stage. The effect
processor then creates its own stereo field which is sent to the stereo
outputs. Stereo signals that are input into these type of effects units will be
compromised. The Roland RSP-550 is one of the few signal processors available
that is "true" stereo, and does not sum a stereo input to mono before
processing. Many of the algorithms in the RSP-550 feature discrete stereo
processing, including the following:

168:Gate Reverb
169:Reverse Gate
174:Stereo Delay
179:Stereo Chorus
181:2-Band Chorus
183:Stereo Pitch Shifter
186:Multi Phaser
187:Dynamic Phaser
188:Stereo Flanger
198:Modulation Delay/Reverb

Algorithm #198:Modulation Delay/Reverb and #199:Reverb/Reverb/Delay are very
powerful because they feature multi-effects and discrete stereo input
capabilities at the same time. This actually allows independent stereo mixing
of effected signals for each effect in the chain. This is especially powerful
when used in a recording application.

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