MC-50, MC-50MKII: Playing Songs in Any Order

The MC-50 and MC-50MKII can play back a list of songs in any order by playing a
Song List/Configuration File. Use the following procedure to create a Song
List/Configuration File:

1) While holding Keypad #2, turn the unit on.
2) Insert a disk containing S-MRC song files.
3) Press ENTER.
4) If necessary, press STOP at the "Attn! NO SEQUENCE Press STOP" prompt.
5) If necessary, use the DIAL to select "MODE 2 CONFIG."
6) Press ENTER to display "CNFG 1 SEQUENCE [A]- 1>."
7) Press ENTER to display "CNFG 1 0% 0% [A]- 1>."
8) Press ENTER.
9) Use the DIAL to select a song title for the first song position.
10) Press ENTER.
11) Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each additional song.
12) Press STOP when finished.
13) While holding SHIFT, press MODE.
14) Press PLAY to load the file you have just created.
15) Press PLAY again to begin playback.
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