G-1000: Split Point Settings

The G-1000 keyboard can be divided into three sections with different Tones
assigned to each section. Use the following steps to set the two split points:

1) Press SYNCHRO START so it is not lit.
2) Press the UPPER 1, LOWER 1, UP3 SPLIT and SPLIT buttons under KEYBOARD
MODE so they are lit.
3) From the "MASTER" page, press F2 [Param].
4) Press F1 [Glbal].
5) Press PAGE to select the second Global page.
6) Turn the DRUMS / PART knob to select the first split point between UPPER 1
and LOWER 1.
7) Turn the ACCOMP / GROUP knob to select the UP3 split point between UPPER 1
and UP3 SPLIT.
8) Press F5 [Exit] when complete.

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