VM-3100: Monitor -- How to Set-Up the "Headphone" Monitor

The VM-3100's headphone 'Monitor' can select one of the following groups of
outputs for listening:

1/2 = Aux Send
3/4 = Rec Bus
5/6 = Digital Coaxial Output
7/8 = Digital Optical Output

Usually the main Master Out mix is assigned to the headphone 'Monitor'. If we
want to listen to a different set of outputs, for example our Aux Send mix, we
can change this in the MONITOR section of the VM-3100:

1) Make sure you are at the main mixer display. Press [LEVEL METER(BIG TC)].
2) Press the [SOURCE(SELECT)] button found in the MONITOR section of the
3) While holding down [SHIFT], press [SOURCE(SELECT)]. The 'SOURCE SEL'
screen appears.
4) Rotate the VALUE dial to select '1/2'. This denotes the Aux Send outputs 1
and 2.
5) Press [LEVEL METER(BIG TC)] to exit the 'SOURCE SEL' screen.
6) Use the LEVEL knob in the MONITOR section to control the listening volume of
the headphone 'Monitor'.
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