R-8, R-8MKII: Accessing Tones from a SN-R8 PCM Card

You can access Tones from a SN-R8 series PCM card in two ways. One method is
loading the ROM card, which automatically loads card sounds onto pads and
installs a new demo song. (Caution: This will also erase any data that you have
programmed into the unit.) The second method involves assigning Card Tones to
Pads one at a time.

Use the following procedure to load the entire ROM card:

1) Press CARD.
2) Press NUMBER 4 to select the ROM Card Mode.
3) Press NUMBER 1 to assign sounds to pads or press NUMBER 2 to hear the demo
song and sounds.
4) Press ENTER.

Use the following procedure to assign Card tones to a Pad:

1) Press the INST ASSIGN button
2) Press NUMBER 1 to select [INST]
3) Tap the Pad that you want to use the card sound on.
4) Use the + and - buttons or the VALUE slider to select the sound. The card
sounds are located after the internal sounds indicated by Exx.

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