EM-2000: Recording and Saving a Song

The EM-2000 has a built-in Recorder which records and saves songs in the
Standard MIDI File format. Use the following procedure to record and save a
song to disk:

1) Insert a formatted floppy disk into the floppy disk drive.
2) Press REC under RECORDER so it is lit.
3) Press PLAY/STOP under RECORDER so it is lit.
4) After the count-in, begin playing.
5) Press PLAY/STOP under RECORDER when finished.

NOTE: "Song on Temporary Area has been CHANGED. Do you wish to SAVE it on
disk?" will be displayed.

7) Press UPPER 1 [YES].
8) Use the LOWER/NUMBER and UPPER/VARIATION knobs and the UPPER 2 and UPPER 1
buttons to name the song.
9) Press M BASS [EXECUTE] to display "EXECUTING . . . please Wait."
10) When saving is complete, press F5 [Exit] to return to the Master display.
11) To listen to your song, press RESET, then use PLAY/STOP to control playback.

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