XP-50: Controlling One of Two Layered Sounds with an Expression Pedal

Use the following procedure to use an expression pedal for controlling the
volume of a second sound in Layer Mode:

1) Plug an expression pedal into the Pedal 1 input.
2) Press the SYSTEM button.
3) Press the 3/11 (CONTROL) button.
4) CURSOR DOWN to PEDAL 1 ASSIGN and select Assign: CC07:VOLUME / Output: BOTH
/ and Polarity: STANDARD.
5) Press PERFORM.
6) Select Preset A12 (Pop Set 1).
7) Press EDIT.
8) Press COMMON.
9) Cursor to PERFORM COMMON.
10) Select Key Mode: LAYER.
11) Press 3/11 (MIDI), followed by PALETTE.
12) Cursor to LOCAL SWITCH.
13) Select ON for any of the Parts you wish to layer.
14) Cursor to VOLUME Rx SWITCH.
15) Select ON for any of the Parts you wish to be controlled by the expression
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