GR-30: Arpeggiator - Selecting Note Duration

The Roland GR-30�s Arpeggiator allows you to specify Note Duration. Use the
following procedure to select a note value to represent the Duration of each of
the Arpeggiator events:

1) Use the EDIT TARGET dial to select ARPEGGIO.
2) Use the PARAMETER SELECT dial to select [C] for A-DURATION.
3) Press the EDIT/PLAY button.
4) If the "ARP/HAR" LED is NOT lit, press PEDAL 4 to turn the Arpeggiator on.
5) Use the [-] or [+] buttons to select the Note Duration. The Duration values
range from 30 (30% of note value, which is staccato) to Full (Full value of
note, which sustains until the note is played again).
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