MC-505: Updating the System

Use the following procedure to update the system ROM of the MC-505:

1) Connect the MIDI OUT of an external sequencer to the MIDI IN of the MC-505.
2) While holding down TEMPO/MIXER, PTN SET, and PATCH, turn on the power.
3) Press ENTER.
4) Transmit the first Standard MIDI File from the sequencer (_000001.mid).
5) Continue transmitting until all files have been played in order.
6) When the update is completed, a checksum will be displayed.
Verify that the checksum value is correct
(there will be a readme.txt file with the checksum values on the update disk).
7) If the checksum is correct, turn the power off and back on.
8) If the checksum is incorrect, start again at step 4.
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