SP-303: Adjusting the Start Point and End Point

After creating a sample you may decide to change the start and end point of the recording. The SP-303 can easily set new start and end points. Use the following procedure to set a Start Point and an End Point for a sample:

1. Press PATTERN SELECT so it is not lit.

2. Press the pad you want to edit. The pad will light and the sample will sound.

3. Press START/END/LEVEL so it is lit.

4. At the location where you wish to set the Start Point, press MARK. MARK blinks and "---" appears in the display.

5. At the location where you wish to set the End Point, press MARK again. MARK will light, indicating that the process is finished.

Note: If the setting was not made as desired, press the lit MARK button while the sound is still playing to make it go dark, and re-do the procedure.

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