Fantom, FA-76: Using the Favorite List

64 of your favorite patches can be organized in the Fantom's Favorite List. The
Favorite List is made up of eight banks containing eight patches each.

To register a patch in your Favorite List:

1. In Patch mode, press LIST to view the Patch List Screen.
2. Turn the VALUE dial to select the patch you'd like to add to your Favorite
3. Press 4 (FavList)--The patch you selected is displayed as the Current patch.
4. Turn the VALUE dial to select an unused Favorite List Bank and Number
5. Press 5 (Regist) to register the selected patch in the selected Favorite
List bank.
6. To add another patch to your Favorite List Press 2 (Patch) and repeat Steps
7. Press LIST to exit the List screen.

To select a patch from your Favorite List:

1. Press and hold JUMP, and then press the number button of the desired bank.
2. Release JUMP.
The patches in the currently selected Favorite List bank are shown at the
bottom of the display.
3. To select a patch, press the number button beneath it.

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