RD-700: Splitting the Keyboard

You can split the RD-700 keyboard so there's one tone beneath your left hand
and another tone under your right. These tones are called the "lower" and
"upper" tones, respectively. Use the following procedure to split the keyboard:

1. Select a tone as described earlier.
2. Press SPLIT so that PART SWITCH LOWER lights.
3. Press LOWER under PART SELECT.
4. Use TONE SELECT to select the lower sound's tone category.
5. Use the DEC/NO or INC/YES to select the lower sound's tone.
6. Use the SLIDER - located under UPPER 1 and UPPER 2 - to control the volume
for the two split tones.
7. Press SPLIT to exit Split mode.

Note: To change the keyboard's split point, press and hold SPLIT for several
seconds to display the Split Point menu. While continuing to hold SPLIT, press
a key where you want the new split point to be.

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