VG8S-1: Description

Roland has substantially expanded the V-Guitar System taking COSM technology to
even greater heights with the new VG8S-1 System Expansion. Here is what�s new:

Four new algorithms plus feature enhancements of the originals.
HOLLOW algorithm emulates characteristics of acoustic and hollow body guitars.
DUAL AMP algorithm to layer or morph between two chains of pedals, amps and
speaker cabinets with a foot pedal.
VIO GUITAR algorithm combines VGM and HRM.
Rick, Tele, LP w/P-90's, Silvertone w/Lipstick's, LP w/PAF's, Gretch, and Strat
w/S-S-H active EMG Pickup Models.
Flat, Round, f-Hole, Metal (for dobro) and Banjo Guitar Body models.
SLDN, British Combo and Modern Stack Guitar Amplifier Models.
British 2x12, Classic 4x10, and Modern Stack Speaker Models.
Assignable wah wah pedal, pitch pedal, HRM Cutoff, and other realtime
Intelligent harmonist.
Change guitar pickups with S1 and S2 on the GK-2A.

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