XV-3080: Setting Up for Performance

The XV-3080 works great as a performance synthesizer when connected to a MIDI
keyboard or other MIDI controller. You can use the XV-3080 in Patch mode to
play single sounds. Use Performance mode for more complex setups with up to 16
parts/sounds, and for layers and splits. Use the following procedure to
audition some great performances using a MIDI keyboard connected to the XV-3080:

1. On the XV-3080, press PERFORMANCE, then turn the VALUE dial to select "User
01: Andreas Cave."
2. On your MIDI keyboard, set the MIDI transmit channel to Channel 1.

Note: The XV-3080 defaults to MIDI channel 1 for all 64 User performances and
for Patch mode.

Also try the following cool performances:
User 09: Slicing Svox
User 24: Crystal VoxXV
User 32: XV Sweep Pad
User 38: Organ Split 1
User 54: Dyno Rhs+Bs
User 58: XV StlGtr+Bs

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