VS-2480: Setting up internal "loop" effects within the VS-2480

When attempting to apply a prefade or postfade effect to an input or track, there are 4 important steps that need to be followed:

1) Push the EFFECT button to choose the desired effect with the appropriate FX processor (i.e. Preset 044 in FX1 efx processor).

2) Choose the channel to apply the effect to by pushing a CH EDIT button (i.e. Track 1 Ch Edit), and highlight the appropriate AUX send. Choose Pre or Post send and turn up the Aux send amount (i.e. AUX send 1 set to Post with a value of -4.0 dB).

3) Press IN 17-24 Fader button (above Master fader) and set the appropriate AUX Master send to 0.0 dB (i.e. AUX Master send 1 [fader 9] set to 0.0 dB).

4) Press TR 17-24 Fader button (above Master fader) and set the appropriate FX Return fader to the desired amount of effect (i.e. FX Return 1 [fader 9] set to -6.0 dB].

The desired effect should be heard at this point. If not, check the Easy Routing screen and verify that the FX Return is NOT routed to any record track locations (unless bouncing with efx).
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