GT-6B: Selecting Patches

The GT-6B has 120 patches identified by their bank and number. There are 80 user patches and 40 preset patches. User patches begin with a �U.� Preset patches start with a �P.� Use the following procedure to select a patch:

1. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial clockwise or press the PATCH 5 pedal to select patches in ascending order.
2. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial counterclockwise or press the PATCH 6 pedal to select patches in descending order.

The GT-6B is set at the factory to select patches using the PATCH/VALUE dial or the PATCH 6 and 5 pedals. You can also select a patch by entering its bank and number using the following procedure:

1. Press UTILITY.
2. Use the PARAMETER 3 and 4 buttons to display �SYS:Patch Select UP/DOWN.�
3. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial and select SYS:Patch Select BANK/NUMBER.
4. Press EXIT to return to the Play screen.
5. Use the BANK 6 and 5 pedals to select the desired patch bank.
6. Use the four numbered pedals to enter the desired patch�s number.
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