TD-8: Recording a Sequence

The TD-8 has a powerful, built-in sequencer that allows you to record up to 100 different patterns (in pattern locations 701-800). Use the following procedure to record a pattern:

1. Press PATTERN so it�s lit.

2. Press F3 and turn the VALUE dial to select NEW.

3. Press F3 � an empty pattern is automatically selected.

4. Press F3 and turn the VALUE dial to select FUNC. Press F3.

5. Use the CURSORs and VALUE dial to set the TIME SIGNATURE, the LENGTH and TEMPO.

6. Press PATTERN, and then REC.

7. Press CLICK, F2 [INST], and then turn the VALUE dial to select the type of instrument to be used for the metronome.

8. Press PLAY and play the kit to record your instruments. You can also use the PREVIEW button to play instruments.

9. Press STOP. Press PLAY to listen to your recorded pattern. Press CLICK to turn off the metronome.
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