MC-50, MC-50MKII: Recording Rhythm Tracks

The MC-50 has eight linear sequencer Tracks, a Tempo Track and a Rhythm Track.
The eight linear Tracks record and play back recorded information from start to
finish, like a tape recorder. The Rhythm Track plays back short Patterns
similar to the operation of pattern and song based drum machines. Use the
following procedure to assign or record Rhythm Patterns to a Rhythm Track:

1) Use the cursor [< / >] buttons and DIAL to select a new Song.
2) If necessary use the cursor [< / >] buttons to select REAL so it is
3) If necessary use the DIAL to select "RHYTHM."
4) Press REC/LOAD.
5) If necessary use the DIAL to display "R-TRACK."
6) Press ENTER.
7) Use the DIAL to select a measure number.
8) Press ENTER.
9) Use the DIAL to select a Pattern number.
10) Press ENTER.
11) Use the DIAL to select a BIAS value.
12) Press ENTER to advance to the next Rhythm Track measure.
13) Repeat steps 7 through 12 to enter additional Patterns into the Rhythm
14) Press STOP when finished.
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