SP-202: Auto-Sampling a Loop

You can pre-set the tempo of a beat loop so that when it�s sampled, the loop points will be set automatically:

1. Connect a source (MC-303, CD, turntable, etc.) to the SP-202�s input.

2. While holding CANCEL, press REC.

3. Turn the CONTROL dial to set the recording threshold (0-8) and press REC.

4. Press REC again and the next available pad will blink.

5. Play your source and turn the CONTROL dial to set the level in the SP-202.

6. If you know the BPM of the loop, use the UP/DOWN ARROWS to set the BPM, or, press the TAP button in time with the beat to determine the BPM setting.

7. Stop the source signal.

8. Press REC to put the SP-202 in standby mode.

9. Start playback on the source.

10. Press REC after 1 or 2 measures to stop recording.

11. Press the pad to play back the beat. It should be looped correctly.
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