GT-5: Group Bank Number System

On the GT-5, a "Patch" refers to a named and numbered memory location
containing which preamp and/or effects are to be used, their parameter
settings, and how they should be controlled. The unit offers 250 Patches in
all. Patches are organized by Group, Bank, and Number.

GROUPS - a grouping of 25 Patches organized into 5 Banks of 5 Patches each.

There are two types of groups:

1) USER GROUPS - The RAM memory area of the GT-5 where patches you create or
modify can be stored. Each of the 4 User Groups contains 5 Banks for a total

2) PRESET GROUPS - The ROM memory area of the GT-5 containing patches that
cannot be overwritten. These patches were designed to be used as written, or
to serve as a starting point in designing your own patches. An edited Preset
Patch can be written into a User Patch location. There are 6 Preset Groups
containing 5 banks for a total of 150 PRESET PATCHES.

BANKS - a grouping of 5 Patches assigned to pedals 1-5.

NUMBER - refers to a specific Patch location within a Bank (which numbered

When viewing the display, the first digit represents the GROUP #, the second
indicates the BANK #, and the numbered pedal that is lit represents the patch
NUMBER. For example, when the display indicates "11" with the number 1 pedal
lit, this is actually Group 1, Bank 1, and pedal Number 1. If you press the
number 4 pedal the display will still read "11", however, the patch will become
1-1-4 which is Group 1, Bank 1, pedal Number 4.
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